Samuel Shannon | Zoning Commissioner

1414 Evergreen, Wellston, MO 63133

Zoning Ordinances


Zoning is a method of urban planning in which a municipality or other tier of government divides land into areas called zones, each of which has a set of regulations for new development that differs from other zones

The purpose of these regulations shall be to encourage such distribution of population and such classification of land use and such distributions of land development and utilization and such standards for land development, as will lessen and prevent congestion in the streets; help secure the safety from fire, panic and other dangers; promote the health and general welfare of the citizens of Wellston; provide adequate light and air; prevent the overcrowding of land; avoid undue concentration of population; prevent urban sprawls; facilitate the adequate provision of transportation, water, sewage, schools, parks, police and fire protection and other requirements; promote desirable living conditions and the sustained stability of neighborhoods; protect property against blight and deterioration; secure economy and governmental expenditures; conserve the value of buildings and land;

City Name: Wellston
Population: 2,336
County: Saint Louis County
State: Missouri
Country: United States
Capital: Washington
Currency: Dollar (USD)
Geographic coordinates:
(decimal degrees)
Latitude: 38.67° N
Longitude: -90.3°W
Elevation: 505 ft / 154 m
Districts: Central West End,